‘Don’t hurt ’em’: Trump’s Miami rally off the charts; rabble-rousers booted for own safety

When Donald Trump went to Miami, he knew he’d have some protestors, and he dealt with it, Trump-style.

Speaking at his Doral resort Friday night, Trump made no bones about who was welcome—and who was not. Excited Trump supporters jammed the ballroom, while Univision was banned from the premises.

The crowd was fired up to hear the billionaire—even when protestors tried to disrupt the rally. Trump was unfazed, saying, “that is what freedom of speech is about.” He was more worried about his supporters reacting than the protestors.

Then, when they didn’t quiet down, he had them thrown out. After all, Trump owns the resort.

One Twitter user reported that the hispanic protest was no spontaneous event. It was carefully planned and coordinated, with free lunch, charter bus rides, and even cash offered to participants.

Trump expressed no regrets, praising the crowd for “love and excitement.”

Steve Berman


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