Carson takes jabs from Trump after poll surge, but who said ‘it shows how STUPID the American voter is’?

Alan Colmes
Alan Colmes

Donald Trump responded rather gently to news that Ben Carson has taken the lead in the latest Iowa polls, at least when compared to the reaction of liberal radio host Alan Colmes, who called Carson’s supporters “stupid.”

In an interview Friday with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Trump appeared to meekly accept the poll results. “I’m just going to have to work a little harder in Iowa,” he said.

Regarding Carson, Trump said “I like Ben,” but noted that Carson can’t do what Trump can do in the area of foreign trade.  “He can’t do with a lot of things like I do.”

Trump told a slightly different story to his supporters who filled the ballroom at the Trump National Doral Miami resort the same night.

First, he trashed the polls.  “I don’t believe those polls, by the way, because both of those pollsters do not like me.”  Then, he trash-talked Carson, calling him “super low energy” (a reference to his barb against Jeb Bush as “low energy”).

But that was nothing in comparison to Fox Radio’s Colmes, who on Monday responded to a caller criticizing Carson while saying “his numbers just keep going up and up and up.”  “That shows how stupid the American voter is,” Colmes said.

If Trump said something like that, the media would play it over and over again.  It’s just more evidence of exactly how biased the media is, and how cynical liberals see American voters.

Steve Berman


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