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Fox News chief intelligence correspondent claims ‘smoking gun evidence’ proves Hillary lied

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clinton-herridgeFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony Thursday was loaded with inconsistencies and “smoking gun evidence” that what she told the public immediately after the Benghazi attack does not conform to what is now known.

“Mrs. Clinton herself, in her personal correspondence, did not believe the video explanation for the attack,” Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge said “On the Record,” Thursday.

“She also believed that it was a planned terrorist assault — that it was not connected to the video,” she told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren. “And that’s important because there was what I would describe as smoking gun evidence on the day of the attack.”

All evidence points to the conclusion, said Herridge,  that “it was known immediately” that the Benghazi raid was a planned assault executed by “a professional team.”

Van Susteren agreed, adding that Clinton told her daughter Chelsea in an email that evening that it was “an al-Qaeda group” that carried out the raid.

Clinton “had a specific conversation” alluding to the same explanation to Egyptian officials, “that it was not connected to the video,” Herridge said.

Watch the clip, via Fox News.


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