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CNN legal analyst asks if Ambassador Stevens is to blame for his own murder!

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cnn-toobinA CNN legal analyst suggested Thursday that the late Ambassador Chris Stevens was responsible for his own death during the 2012 Benghazi raid by Ansar al-Sharia militants.

While discussing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, a panel on CNN’s “Situation Room” attempted to divert blame from Clinton, one panelist even suggesting it was the fault of embassy security.

But it was CNN legal analyst, Jeff Toobin, who seemed to have the most bizarre theory.

“There’s another point that nobody wants to raise exactly because it’s considered in bad taste,” he said.

“Ambassador Stevens himself, did he make an intelligent decision in exposing himself and the security guards to the obvious risk?”

There’s no question that Stevens knew of the risks involved — he’d sent message upon message asking for beefed up security, all of which were ignored.

The ambassador’s trip to Benghazi was done at the behest of Clinton, who claimed to want to establish a permanent diplomatic outpost there by the end of the month, suggesting some urgency.

During the Bill Clinton administration, conservatives often referred to CNN as the “Clinton News Network.” The tradition has been re-established.

Watch the exchange, via CNN.


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