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Charles Koch’s in-your-face response to critic is simply awesome

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The much maligned (from the left) billionaire Charles Koch gave the ultimate “screw you” to his detractors by dressing up as the ultimate symbol of cinematic evil — Darth Vader.

The idea came as the result of an interview with “Marketplace” editor Kai Ryssdal.

He tweeted:

And in reply, his supporters came out in droves to wish him well.

And a few referred to the Ryssdal interview that led to the Darth Vader getup.

The Hill reported:

Koch and his brother, David, have used their considerable wealth to back numerous conservative causes and candidates, much to the displeasure of their political opponents.

The libertarian philanthropist has so far abstained from donating directly to candidates in the Republican presidential primary. But several candidates in 2016 have received donations from the extensive Koch donor network that helped grow the conservative Tea Party movement.

The Koch network plans to spend at least $300 million in the 2016 election cycle.

Love him or hate him, one thing can’t be denied: The guy sure knows how to have fun.


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