Trump: I would ‘absolutely’ close down US mosques loaded for bear, if I’m allowed

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Wednesday he would “absolutely” close down some mosques in order to fight Islamic State militants in the United States if it is legally possible.

He made his remarks in response to a question posed by Fox Business host Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co,” as to whether the real estate mogul would consider emulating some of the British proposals for countering extremism.

“They’ve got a whole new series of proposals to deal with this, including withdrawal of passports from some of these people who’ve gone over just to fight–”

Absolutely. Good, good,” Trump said.

“…and closing some mosques,” he continued. “Would you do the same thing in America?”

“I would do that,” Trump responded. “Absolutely, I think it’s great.”

“Can you do it?” pressed Varney. “Can you close a mosque? We do have religious freedom.”

“Well, I don’t know,” Trump admitted. “I mean, I haven’t heard about the closing of the mosque. It depends, if the mosque is, you know, loaded for bear, I don’t know. You’re going to have to certainly look at it.”

Watch the clip, via Fox Business News.

Reaction on social media was, for the most part, positive.

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51 thoughts on “Trump: I would ‘absolutely’ close down US mosques loaded for bear, if I’m allowed

  1. SusieQ says:

    “Time to batten down the the hatches”. The liberal socialist here and abroad have created a storm and it’s time to protect ourselves. The is a wonderful idea and way too delayed.

    1. GarlandRemington says:

      You are 100 pct spot on SusieQ!!!

      1. SusieQ says:


    2. flintlock1949 says:

      We can, maybe, rid ourselves of the Islamic threat on our shores – by seeing Islam as a Government/religion intent on dominating the world! But, What to do about the Liberal Socialists who are doing the same thing by promoting the Muslim presence in our country, and doing other things which are deleterious to our Constitutional form of government; not to mention their encouragement for the breakdown of our Society by diluting it with more foreign “immigrants”, who care nothing for anything about our Nation or its history, than we can absorb? The Socialist Left is, at the moment, a bigger threat to the security of our Nation than Radical Islam! Muslim terrorists we can deal with – if we will – but what to do about American citizens who are intent on re-engineering the Nation to suit the Socialist ideology? We went to war to stop Southern States from breaking away to form their own Government! What to we do about the leftist who want to END our present Government and make it, and us, into something the Founders would have gone to war to stop?

      1. SusieQ says:

        Wish I had an answer for that. We have a running start I believe because the silent majority of conservatives have started to speak up and loudly. Look at the ruckus Trump has drummed up. Did you know in one of his books he actually recognized the danger of a 9/11 probable event and pointed it out. I think I heard that was about two years before. Shame our government was not as vigilant. (Bill Clinton)

        We have to keep beating the drum against these traitors that want to change the fabric of this country. That’s all we can do and keep people informed and get them out to the ballot box. I truly believe this is the last chance.

        Today at the hearing the socialist on the committee have already started to spin the information and Hillary sits there proud as punch, so arrogant and smug when the democrat/ socialist start their spin. Watch her face though when the truth is presented . She is an open book. I believe Gowdy during the break will set this to rights, I hope. That being said that’s what the left does, a known fact for everything that falls in their path to reveal their true motive. That’s why you can never get a straight answer from them, not ever.

        They always present us as the villain. That has to be disposed of and made obvious who the criminals are. We have a year.

        1. Doug says:

          If this is the last chance will you recede into the dust if you lose again?

          1. SusieQ says:

            Not nice Doug. Your sensitive lib/socialist card could be revoked you know.

            Sounds like you ran out of Geritol again. You know what happens when you forget to pick up your case every week. Not pretty.

          2. Doug says:

            Brewing large batch of same in bathtub.

          3. SusieQ says:

            Like I said when you are in the Obama economy you do what you can. I’m sure it’s delish.

  2. AFlaVet says:

    And…remove their tax exempt status….declare them hostile and a terrorist support organization and close them down using the RICO Act.

  3. Jerry says:

    Turn the mosques into pig barns. Make convicted Muslims clean the poop up.

    1. Doug says:

      Very deep insights here.

  4. Jerry says:

    Trump is my president both now and in the future.

  5. JT says:

    There are so many mosques in this country, I think last reported there are more than 60 mosques alone in Houston, TX
    Why do these muslims need so many mosques?
    While there is no direct proof, everyone knows they are stock piling weapons for their ultimate goal, killing White people, Christians and anyone else that doesn’t agree with their beliefs.
    Eventually there will be an open season on these non-Christians!

    1. Nunnyah Biz says:

      And no bag limits!

    2. AnyKenny says:

      A FOIA request might uncover this, if it’s true. And if it’s true, maybe gun background checks could prevent it in the first place. I had to go through a background check, but I don’t know if they checked my ethnicity or religion.

      1. JT says:

        The only problem with an FOIA is you most likely will never hear back from them or they will contact you saying NO INFORMATION is available. Remember, you’re dealing with the FEDS and if they have DAMNING Evidence, they will not release it to the public.
        There is so much information the FEDS withhold from Americans, it would make your head spin!
        Chances are the FEDS already have a Ton of information on the mosques and other muslim activities. But, as long as the muslim in the White House is in power, we will never hear about it!

        1. SusieQ says:

          I’d bet the farm you are right.

          1. tedlv says:

            Been there. My parents both worked at Oak Ridge in the early days. Both either had problems or died from recognized causes from their employment. After a 10 year battle, I was able to get compensation for my mom. No success for my dad. Can’t get the proof I need, though I know where he was and what he did.

          2. SusieQ says:

            That’s terrible I’m so sorry.

        2. flintlock1949 says:

          It’s scary how this Government, which WE elect, AND pay for, sees fit to keep so many things secret from us? Except for Military,security items, there should be nothing We, the People, are not privy to knowing about! If this truly is a nation ruled by the People, we, who are “supposed to be” the Bosses, should know what our Government is up to! How can we make well thought out decisions about our Representatives if we don’t know what they are keeping secret from us?

      2. Mary Brown says:

        You think these are legal weapons? Obama is either supplying them or they are coming across the border form MX!

        1. tedlv says:

          Do you mean “back across the border”?

    3. flintlock1949 says:

      Then we need to get it done before the open season applies to us! Muslims need to go back to their own nations and make THEM fit places for them to live; instead of trying to make other Nations suit their desires!

    4. Doug says:

      Why do Evangelicals need so many different kinds of churches?

      1. tedlv says:

        Why do you need to make so many inane and irrelevant comments? Different people have different preferences. Would that you actually had that “Haavaad” education you so envy. You might actually be able to comment intelligently. While you are basking in the Florida sun, why not improve your education at a local university. They are all SO much better than those Ivy Weed Jr. Colleges you so worship. ALL of them.

        1. Doug says:

          You are denigrating the collegiate bona fides of Trump and Cruz?

    5. Galloping Ghost says:

      But if they kill all the honkies, who will provide them with “free” stuff?

  6. What_no_change??? says:

    The libs are going to have a field day with this!!! Not realizing that the majority of the populace has NO PROBLEM with it.

    1. GarlandRemington says:

      To hell with all so called, liberals, and so called, progressives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. JJBuck says:

        Excellent use of the exclamation point. !!

        1. Doug says:

          wsurfs would be envious.

      2. flintlock1949 says:

        Easy to say! But what are we REALLY going to do to stop their agenda? How far are we willing to go to rid our Nation of their influence? – they are US citizens, after all! Diminishing their political power is a start; but their tentacles reach into about every aspect of our Society – and our lives! As long as they, and their RINO enablers, have the power, we’re stuck with them!

    2. flintlock1949 says:

      Not CARING that we don’t have a problem with it, you mean! It’s not what Liberal America is supposed to want, and therefore it just has to be wrong! The Lib’s have the power – and our RINOs saw to it that they would keep the power in Congress after the last election! We didn’t “win” Congress last year; we merely changed out those who were getting tired of taking the flack! Now the GOP is trying to ram another one of their RINOs down our throats as Speaker of the House – a change out from one RINO, to another!!

  7. Nunnyah Biz says:

    Oh course it’s legal Donald!

    islam is NOT a religion! It is a brutal, fascist, theocratic form of perverted government, and therefore NOT protected under ANY PART of the U.S. Constitution…………………….close away Donald!!!

    1. Doug says:

      i.e. a dictatorial theology

  8. higgy01 says:

    According to the FBI there are 22 closed Muslim compounds across the USA breeding terrorists. They should all be leveled along with every mosque that is in any way tied into these scum that have gone to Syria to fight with ISIS.

  9. Chuck says:

    Go frumpy go….thank you for all the bush bashing, xeonophobia and destruction of the gop…by the way hillary is making the GOP benghazi committee look stupid

    1. SusieQ says:

      Is your TV n the asylum as broken as you?

      1. Mary Brown says:

        Why do the mods let this moron back in? Ban her/him/it and be done with it!

        1. SusieQ says:

          I have no idea. There is another one that follows me around and quite a few of his comments are just gross and perverted as any I’ve ever seen, yet he is allowed to continue. It’s amazing.

    2. Mary Brown says:

      Chucky take a hint, this name will be banned too! You and your juvenile comments are not wanted here!

    3. Doug says:

      When I turned against Bush was when I saw the bail out scam. Obama’s economic policies were Bush’s on steroids. We were had by the Bush administration. They needed the Obama administration to further it.

    4. Doug says:

      Bush gave me nightmares

  10. Mary Brown says:

    Shut them all down! Islam is a political system, not a religion and as such it is NOT protected by the First Amendment!

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