Take note of the ONLY Republican who voted with Senate Dems to block sanctuary cities bill

DC NEWSBy Rachel Stoltzfoos

Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk teamed up with the vast majority of Senate Democrats to block a bill Tuesday that would crack down on sanctuary cities. He was the only Republican to vote against the measure.

The bill would increase penalties for illegal immigrants who return to the U.S. after they’re deported, and would threaten to withhold funds from cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agents.

All but two Democrats and Kirk blocked a vote on the bill Tuesday, which fell six votes short of the 60 it needed to proceed to the floor. Democratic senators Joe Donnelly, representing Indiana, and Joe Manchin, representing West Virginia, voted with Republicans in support of the bill.

“Confronting a crime problem in a city like Chicago requires more resources, not fewer resources, for law enforcement to keep our kids away from gangs,” Kirk told The Daily Caller News Foundation, referring to the millions of dollars the sanctuary cities in his state would lose in federal funds if the bill passed.

The Center for Immigration Studies, a nonprofit research group opposed to increased immigration, identified Champagne County in central Illinois, Cook County near Chicago and the city of Chicago as sanctuary cities in a new interactive map published in October.

The number of these U.S. cities, counties and states that refuse to prosecute illegal immigrants or cooperate with federal enforcement is increasing, along with the number of criminal releases, the Center for Immigration Studies recently reported. Roughly 340 jurisdictions are hindering immigration enforcement, and together these sanctuaries are releasing about 1,000 criminal aliens per month.

On the eve of the sanctuary cities vote, Kirk also promoted a gun control bill he is co-sponsoring with four Democrats. Illinois families “shouldn’t have to live in fear of illegal guns in the hands of criminals,” he tweeted.

South Carolina Republican Senator and presidential candidate Lindsey Graham was noticeably absent from the vote, but a spokesman told TheDCNF he would have supported the motion to proceed had he been in Washington.

“It was abundantly clear Senate Democrats were not going to allow this important issue to move forward,” he told TheDCNF, pointing out one vote wouldn’t have changed the outcome regardless.

Kirk’s tweet wasn’t popular among some patriots:


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96 thoughts on “Take note of the ONLY Republican who voted with Senate Dems to block sanctuary cities bill

  1. tsigili says:

    They didn’t submit a clean bill. They tried to pass a measure the Dems wouldn’t pass………and attached the sanctuary measure to that.

    This business of trying to pass something they don’t want, by putting it with something good, just kills the good. It is time to stop the pork, and stop the games, and make every single bill stand on its own.

    1. LibertyToad says:

      Yep, they knew it would not pass so what was the point in trying it? The Republicans look just as bad as the democrats do in this. If they were serious about it, it would have been a clean bill.

      1. disqus_hNXvhwdNeI says:

        The problem stems from the belief that we need a new law when existing laws aren’t being enforced.

      2. “If they were serious about it.”
        There’s your answer.

      3. nicki-baby says:

        It was Mitch McConnell that attached the bill with “sanctuary city” he is the ONE to send a message .

      4. Mike says:

        In a liberal mind, republicans look bad no matter what they do and there was NOTHING in this bill which should not be law.

    2. Tricia Harris says:

      They tried to get it passed a couple of years ago that one bill equals one topic which would stop all this crap of loading the bills with pork – of course Reid’s Democrats all voted that down because they like having all their pork in the good bills to make it APPEAR that it’s the Republicans who are the bad people and not allowing bills to pass that would be good for our country.

    3. disqus_hNXvhwdNeI says:

      Non argument. Dems wouldn’t pass any bill that would actually help Americans. Did you bother reading the article. This was about money, not enforcing laws.

      1. RetiredRailman-Nam-Vet says:

        It is about enforcing the law, the money would only be held back if these sanctuary city’s WOULDN’T start enforcing the law on ILLEGALS and let immigration do their job.

        1. disqus_hNXvhwdNeI says:

          Right and that was the reason used to vote against it. They know these cities still wouldn’t enforce the laws.

        2. Nunnyah Biz says:

          And exactly when will immigration start doing its job???

          1. Rip Rogers says:

            When the Obama led, GOP and Democrats let them.

          2. RetiredRailman-Nam-Vet says:

            Soon as we get a President to UN-TIE their hands.

          3. Nunnyah Biz says:

            Or do it ourselves!

    4. PI by Nature says:

      The bill, S.2146, was a clean bill.

      1. nicki-baby says:

        We don’t WHAT no. Means, spell it out!

        1. PI by Nature says:

          Read the text for yourself.

      2. Nunnyah Biz says:

        If you think this was a “clean bill”, then you obviously haven’t bathed in quite a while!

        1. PI by Nature says:

          Did you read the bill? It’s only 3 pages long. (I linked it in another post replying to @disqus_f9l7pSuvOF:disqus.)

          1. Nunnyah Biz says:

            Yes! And you failed to “read between the lines”!

          2. Rip Rogers says:

            It was not a clean bill!

    5. John Campbell says:

      As much as I can’t stand the perpetual Barbra Streisand that “PI” pushes, he’s right on this one. It is a clean bill.

      There is no pork nor other special interest attached. It’s totally an act to target so called sanctuary jurisdictions and only applies to illegal aliens. I just read it for myself. That’s all it is and nothing more. It targets sanctuary jurisdictions via cutting of their funding and increases the penalties against illegal aliens that commit crimes while in the U.S. if they are deported and return to commit a crime while within U.S. jurisdiction. Period.

      Kirk (R), the one lone Republican to vote against it, himself stated he voted against it because it would cut off funding for noncompliance. Kirk is also an antigun activist. He wants the illegals, the money, and the dictatorship.

      There is no legitimate excuse to have voted against this bill.

    6. JJBuck says:

      Exactly. McConnell really screwed this up. Submit the sanctuary bill separately so we can all see who supports that charade. And then cut them all off.

  2. Kevis says:

    How is it that when the Democrats controlled the chamber they were able to push stuff thru (like Obamacare) with less than 60 votes? I smell something rotten here.

    1. PI by Nature says:

      Obamacare got exactly 60 votes. Every Republican except Jim Bunning (missed vote) voted no, but Bunning would not have provided the 41st vote to sustain a filibuster.

      1. CLASYS says:

        Obamacare passed because dirty hairy reid invented a stunt to NOT seat Scott Brown who had already won his seat until AFTER the vote.

  3. rivahmitch says:

    Kirk and it’s ilk exemplify why no conservative should EVER contribute to any national Republican organization but only to candidates who share their beliefs on important issues.

    1. nicki-baby says:

      I certainly do not , I get calls all the time from the “Republican Party” , I won’t ever answer the phone when they call, I know they want to contribute , I won’t until they get their act together.

      1. Mike says:

        Answer the call and tell them why! I do that with every phone call and e-mail. Until more of us make enough noise, the ruling elite in the party will ignore us.

    2. Nunnyah Biz says:

      You mean like Sturm, Ruger, Smith, Wesson, Remington, Winchester, etc.?

      Now those are candidates I could Wholeheartedly support!

      1. rivahmitch says:

        Totally agree! Semper Fi!!

        1. Nunnyah Biz says:


      2. Galloping Ghost says:

        No Colt?

        1. Nunnyah Biz says:

          They only mfg for the gov’t. now……………………….at least that’s the impression I’m under. I could be wrong.

          1. Galloping Ghost says:

            I just bought a Colt Combat Elite

          2. Nunnyah Biz says:

            OK, I stand corrected and will add Colt to the next debate!

  4. Steve Morris says:

    Another Republican siding with our Black Muslim Liar and Thief.

  5. Redtexsin says:

    Everyone of them is rotten to the core — willing to sell America down the river to line their stinking pockets and gain illegitimate political power. Disgusting, hardened criminals have more honor than these vermin.

  6. PI by Nature says:

    Mark Kirk is in Illinois. He probably did do the bidding of his electorate (in 2012, Obama won Illinois by 16 percent, and in 2010, Kirk was the beneficiary of third-party spoilers). The problem is that voters will need to be educated on the issue and how this personally affects them.

    1. Nunnyah Biz says:

      The voters need to be educated on the FACTS that the voters do not chose the candidates. The global elitists/bilderbergers do!

      1. Mike says:

        Seems they were unable to control Trump. Lets hope he upsets their little game they play with our lives.

        1. Nunnyah Biz says:

          Yep, He’s the only exception! I just wish he would grow up a little!

          1. Rip Rogers says:

            He is not a polished politician. However, he does know how to make things happen, that is the key in all this.
            He speaks the peoples language, thus the movement to “Make America Great Again”.
            I will vote Trump on Deportation, Wall and select immigration alone. I don’t care what he does beyond what the Presidents after Ronald Reagan has already done.

  7. nicki-baby says:

    I pray the next time ” Kate’s law comes up for a vote , they don’t attach “”sanctuary city ” Bill to it , it will never ever pass , we owe this to the family of Kate’s .so you people stand up for once in you dam lives!!!!!!

    1. Nunnyah Biz says:

      Kate’s law, while worthy, is not needed!

      Murder is punishable by execution, or life without parole! We should obey the “common sense” laws that are already on the books!

      And if a “foreign invader” commits crimes on American Soil, then it should be considered an “Act of War” against the USA, by the offender’s country of origin!

      Now, that would impress me!

      1. Arizona Don says:

        Read it again. It pertains to an illegal alien who is a convicted violent felon. It would not pertain to a murderer. Therefore it does not pertain to every illegal alien entering this nation although it should. Illegal’s are jailed in Mexico if caught once.

        Those who support sanctuary cities are also those who would take down this nations system of government in an effort to promote a political parties dominance.

        1. Nunnyah Biz says:

          But again, we already have many laws against sanctuary cities and foreign invaders and they should be obeyed!

          That was my point!

          1. Rip Rogers says:

            It is something that has to go outside of immigration laws to be enforced. Both parties want those people here to replace our power.

          2. Arizona Don says:

            We currently have laws that may indirectly, at best, outlaw sanctuary cities, nothing directly forbidding them or specifically directed toward sanctuary cities at least that I know of. If however, you know of one I do not I would appreciate you pointing it out. Of course each state may be different. Furthermore, under the current administration passing any new law may or may not get enforced. Everything is at the whim of obama (he perceives himself as a king or maybe a God). I think we have all come to realize that.

          3. Nunnyah Biz says:

            Am I allowed to claim the “Laws of Common Sense”?

            What Red Blooded, Patriotic, Loyal American Citizen would give sanctuary, aid & comfort to the enemies of the USA, and their criminal brethren???

            To actually think that we would need laws against such “treachery” is just utterly reprehensible and disgusting to me! It literally makes me sick to my stomach, as it should every other Red Blooded, Patriotic, Loyal American Citizen!

          4. Arizona Don says:

            Well I guess you can claim it but you’ll not have anyone on board with you in the current administration. The current president (I hate even saying his name) is still not presidential even after nearly seven years in office. He ignores any and all laws he does not like and even though he is responsible for enforcing the laws he does not enforce those he disagrees with. Immigration is only one of them. Make no mistake if he could get the guns he would destroy the constitution and he would not leave office. Picture if you would what this country would be right now if it were he who was the first president and not Washington. Scarey isn’t it?

            Ask yourself why did he run the guns into Mexico? The reason is obvious at least to me.

            Who do you think had the idea of blaming Benghazi on the video? He did of course. But hillary did not have the wherewithal to deny him or “not go along with it.” However, she is a liar anyway so one more she thought she could handle. After all she was trained by slick willie. Furthermore, if she gets in as president the nation is gone!

            He even has ignored the very people who voted for him to the tune of more then 95%. The person seen by many as the great organizer has turned out to be the great divider! Everything about the national security and economy, as well as race relations, is considerably worse today then when he took office. But this is what we can expect when we elect a community organizer who is a failure. He has never succeeded at anything. World leaders look at him as a pacifistic coward who could screw up a one car funeral. To say he is untrustworthy, not truthful and a total disaster would be an understatement. Eastwood said it best be “IS” an empty chair!

      2. Rip Rogers says:

        It pin points criminal actions for the time being to get around both parties set against law and order…it is a must.

        1. Nunnyah Biz says:

          “both parties set against law and order”???

          I do believe we already have laws to punish that kind of behavior too! And it’s high time we used them to their fullest potential!

          1. Rip Rogers says:


    2. Mike says:

      It should not even take a ‘sanctuary city’ bill to enforce federal law. City officials should be arrested immediately.

      1. Rip Rogers says:

        Should be? As long as we allow our politicians to replace us with foreigners on purpose, we have to do what we can to stop the madness.
        Kate’s Law is to address a specific criminal the politicians thus far are protecting on American soil. It is much like Benghazi. We are being attacked within and no one cares.

    3. Rip Rogers says:

      Kate’s law was rejected thanks to the GOP.

  8. Sunshine Kid says:

    Kirk says families should not live in fear of criminals with guns. Fine, but should they live in fear of cities that PROTECT criminals?

    1. Nunnyah Biz says:


      1. Rip Rogers says:

        Now all we have to do is convince a Republican of that.

      2. Sunshine Kid says:

        You’re quick on the gun, Nun . . . . 😉

    2. Sharpshooter says:

      “Kirk says families should not live in fear of criminals with guns.” We don’t, we live in fear of the federal government! “Never have so many been screwed, by so few, for the protection of none” Shows what a select group of total morons can try when they get together! In actuality, it shows what extremely large amounts of money, in the hands of traitors can do.

      1. Sunshine Kid says:

        I could not agree MORE!

  9. bikerdogred1 says:

    Traitor or just another democrat.

    1. Redtexsin says:

      JAD … better than RINO.

  10. Nunnyah Biz says:

    They want to be “sanctuary cities”, Fine!

    Fence them off and let them “sanctify” themselves, a la “Escape From New York” style!

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      McConnell and Boehner and now Ryan will have no part of that.

      1. Nunnyah Biz says:

        Unless we intern them ourselves………………..

        1. Rip Rogers says:

          We should have bedrolls in the halls.
          We can have gourmet meals for about $5 down in the commissary.

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