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‘Sensational!’ ‘Outstanding!’ Rep Pompeo earns highest praise for how he handled Hillary

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Congressman Mike Pompeo grilled Hillary Clinton today during her testimony before the House Select Committee, and wants to know why the former Secretary of State never held anyone accountable for the attack in Benghazi, least of all, herself.

You talked about being disappointed; I’ve heard you use that several times, you were disappointed, you read the [Accountability Review Board report],” Pompeo said.

“Why didn’t you fire someone?”

The Kansas Republican told Clinton his constituents are used to seeing people being held accountable for their actions and demanded to know why that concept didn’t seem to exist under her “leadership.”

“How come not a single person lost a single paycheck connected to the fact that we had the first ambassador killed since 1979? How come no one has been held accountable to date?” he said.

Clinton tried to explain it away, and stated the ARB did not find any “breach of duty” pertaining to State Department individuals connected with Benghazi.

“I’m not asking what the ARB did,” Pompeo said. “I’m asking what you did.”

“You’re telling me you had no authority to take anyone’s paycheck, to cause anyone to be fired?” he continued. “You are telling me you were legally prohibited from doing that? Is that your position here this morning?”

Clinton said under the circumstances, no “immediate action” could have taken, but argued “there was a process that was immediately instituted and which led to decisions being made.”

That answer only angered Pompeo. “Yes, ma’am, the decision was to put them back [with] full back-pay and keep them on as employees!” he said.

“That was the decision that was made as a result of the processes that you put in place. The folks in Kansas don’t think that is accountability.”

Many folks on Twitter agreed, and Pompeo received some famous accolades:


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