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FURIOUS Sheriff Clarke blasts Obama for upcoming dog and pony show after NYC officer’s murder

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blasted the Obama administration’s decision calling for a mass release of criminals from prisons, noting that NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was recently murdered by a career criminal back on the streets.

He made his comments during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” along with former NYPD detective Bo Dietl.

Clarke tore apart what he called the liberals’ “get out of jail free card” they were offering career criminals like Holder’s killer, who’d been arrested and released at least 15 times.

“They fail to understand that these creeps graduate to felonious conduct. They don’t start with felonious conduct, they graduate,” Clarke said. “So they want to term this as a low-level offender. How do you go from stealing a bike to murdering a police officer? It happens over time.”

Clarke reserved most of his wrath for President Barack Obama, who has scheduled a White House meeting Thursday with about 25 mayors and police chiefs around the country in what’s being called an “arm chair discussion” on the “Police Data Initiative,” which is included in the president’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

“[Obama’s] busy preparing himself for his staged backdrop,” he said. “Cloaking himself with law enforcement chiefs who are representing cities represented by liberal Democrat criminal-sympathizing mayors, in terms of this catch-and-release, get out of jail free program.”

He added that it’s past time for change.

“We have got to put our foot down, and we have got to start pushing back aggressively on this mass prison release back into our communities of these criminals.”

After remarking NYPD’s racial diversity, Dietl said that racer isn’t a factor.

“It’s cops against the criminals,” Dietl said. “A cop is not black, white, Asian or Spanish. He’s a police officer.”

Holder was black.

Watch the clip, via Fox News.

The Washington Times reported that Tyrone Howard, the person who was arrested for shooting Holder, would have been considered a perfect candidate for the Obama administration’s early release program, despite his long record.

People on social media were appalled.


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