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Clinton: My work wasn’t done with emails, my office didn’t have a computer

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Appearing before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Thursday, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton told the panel that she did not have a computer in her office at the State Department.

As hard as that is to believe in today’s advanced technological age.

“There were a lot of things that happened that I was aware of and I was reacting to,” Clinton told U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Ind. “If you were to be in my office in the State Department, I did not have a computer.”

Clinton said email was not a big part of her routine in explaining periods of time where there seem to be no emails to or from her — even though she turned over more than 50,000 emails to the State Department and deleted thousands more.

“I did not conduct most of the business that I did on behalf of our country on e-mail,” she said. “That’s not how I gathered information, assessed information, asked the hard questions of the people that I worked with.”


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