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Laura Ingraham’s deleted tweet about Paul Ryan stirs up big controversy

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If Rep. Paul Ryan truly expects a unified Republican Party before agreeing to serve as Speaker of the House, he might need to brace himself for disappointment.

In a meeting with Republicans on Tuesday, Ryan made it clear that he would consider the position, provided the party was willing to meet certain demands, including his request for a “work/ life balance” as speaker.

That family-oriented demand, however, sparked a pretty unexpected controversy on social media, reported Twitchy.

Talk radio host and Fox News contributor, Laura Ingraham, was unsurprisingly skeptical of a Ryan Speakership, but it was her criticism of his request for a family-time that seemed to catch social media off guard.

Ingraham’s harshest criticism of Ryan’s planned “family time” was eventually deleted, but not before stirring up more controversy among conservatives.

It seems the Republican Party isn’t quite ready to unify behind the Wisconsin Representative, indicating the Ryan’s demands might not easily be met.

As it turns out, maybe he’ll be able to spend that time with his family after all.

Michael Schaus


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