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If you get THIS from Facebook, pay attention! Users warned if government is spying on you

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Facebook SpyingPeople concerned that the government might be spying on them now have a new weapon to help them detect potential government snooping.

Facebook‘s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos announced Saturday, via a blog post, that the social media giant will begin warning users if it believes an account has been compromised by a government sponsored actor.

“While we have always taken steps to secure accounts that we believe to have been compromised, we decided to show this additional warning if we have a strong suspicion that an attack could be government-sponsored,” he wrote. “We do this because these types of attacks tend to be more advanced and dangerous than others, and we strongly encourage affected people to take the actions necessary to secure all of their online accounts.”

If your account has been compromised, Facebook will send you the following warning.

Facebook Secure Accounts
Stamos said it is unlikely Facebook would be able to tell the user why their account was targeted, but said users who receive the warning should take several steps to secure their account, including getting rid of their computer which is likely infected with malware.

Carmine Sabia


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