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‘I don’t appreciate this’: Trump adviser’s prickly exchange with CNN’s Anderson Cooper

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One consistency with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is that he does not allow the media to set the narrative when it comes to his campaign.

And that disposition carries down through the ranks, as seen on Tuesday when campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis refused to be baited by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

With a focus on Trump “flip-flopping” on issues, Cooper asked Clovis if his candidate should “be speaking the truth,” and the Trump adviser responded by immediately expressing disappointment with the tone of the question.

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“I thought we were gonna have a discussion on policy tonight, and I’m sorry this is where this is heading,” he said.

Cooper interjected that his focus was on policy.

“I don’t appreciate this at all,” Clovis said. “I didn’t have any indication that this was where we were gonna be going with this. I thought we were gonna be talking about policy and where we are in the campaign and our polling.”

Clovis then made it clear that if Cooper wanted to continue in the current direction, he’d have to do so without him.

“If these are the issues you want to bring up, that’s fine,” Clovis added. “I’ll let the other commentators comment on it.”

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