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Trump predicts ratings bonanza for SNL appearance thanks to Hispanic backlash

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Donald Trump SNLDonald Trump believes the ratings for his upcoming “Saturday Night Live” appearance are going to be huge, and he has Hispanic advocacy groups to thank.

“I know these groups,” he told CNN’s “New Day” host Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday. “I get hit with this stuff all the time.”

According to Trump, the publicity Hispanic protesters are giving his anticipated SNL appearance on November 7 will do nothing but drive up ratings.

“This will be the highest rated show in a long time,” he said.

Many of the people are “scammers” who “sit at home and tap things out on their iPads when they’re home in bed,” Trump said.

“They go around and look for money from people,” he continued. “They only care about themselves.”

“I have fantastic respect for Hispanics,” the 2016 presidential front-runner said. “I actually think I will win the Hispanics.”

“I have great respect for Mexico, but they’re taking advantage of us,” Trump said. “Ford is moving their factory to Mexico, Nabisco is moving their factory to Mexico.”

Illegal immigration has been at the heart of Trump’s campaign since he announced his bid for the presidency on June 16.

The billionaire business mogul first hosted the sketch comedy show in April 2014.

Watch the clip of his “New Day” interview below, then check out his 2004 opening monologue from “Saturday Night Live.”

Carmine Sabia


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