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‘That’s such a lie!’ Geraldo blows up at Jesse Watters for comments on Hillary’s role in Benghazi

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bolling-riveraTemperamental Geraldo Rivera lashed out at Jesse Watters, on Monday’s airing of Fox News’ “The Five,” when Watters remarked that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “left her ambassador behind” in Libya during the Benghazi attack.

“That’s such a lie!” Rivera shot back. “Such a lie! Where do you get … ?”

The segment then degenerated into crosstalk as Watters argued that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was denied repeated requests for security and Rivera continued to say it was all a lie.

“Nobody can hear either of you when you are talking at the same time,” co-host Dana Perino said.

“The committee isn’t driving her numbers down. She’s driving her own numbers down,” Watters said of Clinton. “She tells lies every single day to the press.”

Rivera re-lit the fuse by returning to Watters’ original premise.

“The one lie I cannot abide is the pathetic statement that Secretary Clinton left Ambassador Stevens and the other three heroes to die,” he said. “That is a slander on the United States government and the United States military! That is absolutely … ”

“Why couldn’t they save their guys Geraldo?” Watters interrupted. “They didn’t have the proper military posture in the Middle East on the anniversary of 9/11.”

Co-host Eric Bolling eventually said that “Stevens did ask for up to 13 security guards — he was denied it and died subsequently to that.”

Watch the video clip, via Fox News.


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