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Powerful new NRA ad OBLITERATES gun-grabbing liberal stereotypes

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The left seems to love to depict National Rifle Association supporters as redneck southerners, gun-crazed fringe lunatics, or white supremacists, because it helps advance their goal of confiscating every privately owned gun in America.

But the latest NRA ad smashes their narrative like a precision laser-guided weapon hitting its target.

The video features an older black woman who marched behind Martin Luther King in Selma.  She says she lives in a government high-rise because she “can’t afford a nice house in a safe neighborhood.”

So scared that many of her friends won’t leave their apartments because of gang-bangers and drugs, she says, “We called the police.  But they can’t keep us safe.”

“But the housing authority told me if I bought a gun to protect myself, they’d throw me to the streets,” she continues.

Government housing means government regulations—and frequently that means onerous gun restrictions.

The NRA has historically fought multiple legals battles on behalf of public housing residents. Last year, it scored a huge win when the Delaware Supreme Court overturned the Wilmington Housing Authority’s ban on carrying guns in common areas of public housing.

The woman in the ad concludes with a chilling line.  “If I’m not free because of my address today, what makes you think you’ll be free tomorrow?”

The ad isn’t anything new for the gun rights organization—no matter what liberals want Americans to think.  It simply portrays the NRA for what it really is: a friend to gun owners, regardless of race, age, or gender.

Watch the powerful video below.

Steve Berman


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