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High school students punished, branded racists for giving THIS to opposing team

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hs-band-membersIf this was a Sherlock Holmes mystery, it could have been called the case of the racist fruit basket.

In a gesture of seemingly good sportsmanship, band members of a Texas high school presented members of a competing high school band with a fruit basket at Friday night’s football game  — and they may get kicked out of school for their goodwill.

Seven band members, representing Atascocita High School, presented a decorated Halloween basket containing candy, a small watermelon, coconut, pineapple and watermelon gum, to the Summer Creek High School in an on-field ceremony just prior to the start of the game, according to local ABC affiliate KTRK 13 Eyewitness News.

No one gave it another thought until Monday, when the students were informed that they would be disciplined by either suspension, being kicked out of the band or even expelled from school for what school authorities deem a “racist” gift.

Humble ISD issued this statement:

“It is a tradition for student representatives of competing schools to exchange gifts on the field at varsity football games. On Friday, students from one school presented students from the other school with a watermelon, a pineapple, a coconut, and watermelon gum. Today, school administrators conducted an investigation and after considering the totality of the circumstances, determined that the gift was inappropriate and lacked good sportsmanship. Atascocita High School will not tolerate racial insensitivity.”


Senior Alyssa Taylor, who is a minority and was one of the seven, saw it differently.

“I’m mixed [race], and I don’t take offense to that,” she said. “How could someone else take offense to that?”

Atascocita flutist, Carolina Andaverde, said nothing racist was meant by the gesture.

“We didn’t do anything wrong,” Andaverde told the station. “We wouldn’t do that because we know better than that. Our parents raised us better.”

And once again, political correctness wins out over common sense.

Watch the clip, via 13 Eyewitness News.


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