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Ouch! Trump fires back at Mitt Romney

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump punched back on social media after 2012 GOP failed candidate Mitt Romney’s continued attacks on his campaign.

Appearing on “State of the Union” Sunday, Romney told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Trump’s campaign “has gone a lot further than expected,” and that he doesn’t believe that Trump is going to be the nominee.

Trump would have none of it, and as expected, came out swinging, tweeting that Romney “can only speak negatively about my presidential chances because I have been openly hard on his terrible ‘choke’ loss to Obama!”

This isn’t the first time the two have tangled.  Romney and his friends have been mounting a full court press against Trump since September.

Romney seems to prefer career politicians to Trump, and suggested that governors Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, or John Kasich would make strong nominees, calling them “amazing individuals.”  Someone needs to tell Romney that his choices aren’t doing so well in the polls.

Trump’s supporters wasted no time piling on.

At least we know that Trump isn’t turning to Romney for campaign advice, unless it’s asking what not to do.

Watch Romney on CNN below.

Steve Berman


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