Heartbroken Mila, 3, wailed when mom told her Adam Levine was married; watch her get REVENGE on ‘Ellen’

Pop star Adam Levine tried to mend the broken heart of a little girl who was devastated to learn he was married but she rebuffed his affection.

The little girl, Mila, who appeared on the “Ellen” show Friday with her mother Emily, was told by her Mom that her crush, Levine, got married, causing the 3-year-old to burst into hysterics and jer mom caught it all on video.

Mila Adam Levine

Mila maintained to Ellen that Levine was her boyfriend and she was going to marry him while still insisting the star wasn’t married.

Ellen presented the young super fan an outfit emblazoned with Levine’s pictures and hearts but added that she had another surprise that couldn’t fit in the bag.

Mila Adam Levine

Mila Adam Levine

Levine then appeared on stage holding a rose and calling Mila over to him. After she shyly approached the singer picked her up and hugged her but the youngster reached back for her mother.

“It was kind of heartbreaking. It was so unbelievably cute,” Levin said of the now viral video adding that everyone he has ever known in life sent him the clip.

Mila Adam Levine

Mila Adam Levine
Try as Levine might he couldn’t get Mila to come over to him as she sat in her Mom’s lap obviously overwhelmed.

The segment did have a happy ending however as Levine and Mila embraced again, true love renewed.

Watch the incredibly adorable clip below.

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