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Eddie Murphy tells first live joke in 28 years and he goes after Bill Cosby

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When he did Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary show back in February, comedian Eddie Murphy declined to play Bill Cosby in a skit because, as he said later, it would hurt people.

“If you get up there and you crack jokes about him, you’re just hurting people,” he told the Washington Post last week, according to Mashable. “You’re hurting him. You’re hurting his accusers. I was like, ‘Hey, I’m coming back to Saturday Night Live for the anniversary, I’m not turning my moment on the show into this other thing.'”

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What a difference a week makes.

On Sunday night, Murphy received the Kennedy Center’s prestigious Mark Twain Prize for Humor — of which Cosby is a past recipient — and told the first live jokes on stage since 1987.

About Bill Cosby.

“Bill has one of these. Did y’all make Bill give his back?” he asked. “No, because I know there was a big outcry from people — they was trying to get Bill to give his trophies back. You know you f***ed up when they want you to give your trophies back.”

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“He should do one show where he just comes out and he just talks crazy now,” Murphy continued, before launching into his spot-on impression of Cosby.

“I would like to talk to some of the people who feel like I should give back my motherf***in’ trophies!” he said, mimicking Cosby.

The crowd ate it up… and, think what you may of the material, but at the ripe ol’ age of 54, Murphy is still one funny guy.

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