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Disgruntled wife gets attention with op-ed ‘Thursday Night Football is a menace to American families’

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The disgruntled wife of a football fan is mad at the NFL for putting a strain on her marriage, and she isn’t being silent about it.

Karol Markowicz penned an op-ed for the New York Post on Sunday, claiming to be “the best wife,” cooking for her husband and family all day on Sundays and being wiling to tolerate Monday’s games as well.

Thursdays however, is where she draws the line.

“Look, I’m an understanding woman. All day Sunday, sure. Monday — OK, fine,” she wrote.

“But Thursday, too? Nope. Not happening. A third day of football each week is where I draw the line,” she said.

Markowicz cited sloppy play and an increase in the potential for injuries as other reasons for the NFL to do away with the games, but ultimately it’s more about her having enough of football.

“Adding more weekdays to the schedule will make the NFL money but cost it some of its cachet — and certainly the understanding of non-sports-fan wives like me,” she said, as she demanded the NFL end Thursday Night Football.

The “Fox & Friends” crew discussed it Monday.

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