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Teachers treated to free gun classes, allowed to carry in Utah schools; we return fire!

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Photo credit KSL.
A group of Utah teachers were treated to a lesson that could save the lives of their students.

The Utah Shooting Sports Council gave a free concealed weapons class to school teachers and faculty during Friday’s Utah Education Association break to teach safe gun use in school environments, KSL reported.

After the class the students were given the chance to pay $49 to obtain a concealed carry license, which by Utah law would permit them to carry in school.

The class continued a tradition born in 200 by the Council of providing free classes to teachers and faculty.

“A shooter who wants to end his life via suicide but take a whole bunch of other people with him, probably wants to pick a place to exact that evil plan without getting return fire,” Utah Shooting Sports Council Clark Aposhian told KSL. “We are hoping to show that Utah schools and universities are not a place to do that.

“We need to allow teachers, bus drivers, librarians and others to carry firearms if we are serious about protecting our kids,” he added.

Elementary school teacher Janette Pocock said she feels better about dealing with a crisis situation since the class.

“Crises happen,” she told KSL. “It’s one thing to hide and be quiet, but there are times when people break into those classrooms, and if you have a gun, you’re more likely to be able to handle that at the same level as the shooter than if you are just covered by chairs.”

Not all teachers agreed.

“Teachers have so much other training to undergo. They just aren’t equipped to handle firearms,” retired teacher Malinda Lund told KSL. “I just think about how much I love those kids and what could happen to them. What if you forget to lock the gun up?”

That’s what the class is for.

Carmine Sabia


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