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SNL hits Dems! CNN’s presidential debate turns into HILARIOUS mock-fest

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SNL DEM DEBATE1Saturday Night Live” took on the Democrats in a hilarious spoof of the first Democratic presidential debate.

The show’s cold open saw most of the laughs directed at Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, while the other “candidates” struggled for attention.

“Hillary” provided comedic gold, while Larry David portrayed Democratic socialist Sanders as a buffoon. Both were easy marks.

“That’s why you have to break the banks up into little pieces, and then flush the pieces down the toilet so that you can never put the banks back together,” David said in one line. “Then you just make the bankers pay for college for everyone, and America’s fixed!”

Kate McKinnon as Clinton lamented that “In 2008 of course I lost because I was running against a cool black guy. But this year I thought I got to be the cool black guy.”

SNL didn’t miss the opportunity to take a few shots at CNN, either. An overly-gay “Anderson Cooper” begged Joe Biden to join the fun in the middle of the action.

The whole skit is worth watching for a few chuckles.

Watch the clip, via SNL.


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