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Nice play! High school football player breaks huddle to shake hands of World War II vets on sidelines

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A high school football player made the best play of the game by bringing smiles to the faces of World War II veterans.

The group of seven veterans, six male and one female, were seated on the sidelines of the Parkway High School Varsity football Friday as honored guests when junior Chase Hill broke from a huddle and made a bee line for the veterans.

“He just left the formation and came up to vets and shook every one of their hands,” Lt. Bill Davis of Bossier Sheriff’s Office, who was working security at the game, told CBS News. “This isn’t something we see every day.”

Chase Hill

“Law enforcement officers deal with teens who do stupid stuff every day,” Davis, who posted a photo of the kind gesture to Facebook, added. “And for this kid to do what he did, which to me was really just a class act — a badge of honor if you will, that’s what you want to see.”

Hill appreciated all the kind words but said he didn’t do it for recognition.

“I didn’t do that for attention,” he said in a comment on the post. “I did it for my heroes. My soldiers.”

Nice play, Chase.

Carmine Sabia


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