For your viewing pleasure, Laura Ingraham takes on Brit Hume in Twitter brouhaha

A social media brouhaha broke out over the weekend between Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume and conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, and to the surprise of many, the usually mild-mannered Hume threw the first haymaker.

In a social media conversation that centered on the uninformed masses, Hume appeared to point his finger at Ingraham’s domain — talk radio:

Though not the first to reply — conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt beat her to it — Ingraham was not going to let the slight go unchallenged.

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Hewitt responded via Twitter to explain that talk radio offers more time for issues, prompting Hume to throw compliments, as opposed to the punches Ingraham would later see.

Ingraham was noticeable absent in Hume’s response, which may have been the true motivation for her jumping into the fray.

When she did enter, it was to proffer a vigorous defense of talk radio:

Her commentary drew Hume back in, and the two engaged in a spirited exchange. But in the end, it was Ingraham, who is accustomed to filling three hours a day on her radio program, who got the last word in — and then some:

Tom Tillison


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