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Bill Maher BEGS Bernie Sanders to spin socialism lie better; ‘teach’ America it isn’t ‘herpes’

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Aligning himself with Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders, acerbic comedian Bill Maher stressed the need to “un-demonize the word ‘socialism,'” cautioning the candidate that when people see the term, they think “herpes.”

“My question for you is the word ‘socialist’ — I want to get right to this,” Maher said. “Because I want to help your campaign, I want to see you get the nomination.”

So much for impartiality … Maher then gives his best soft sell of socialism.

berniesanders“We have to teach Americans what this is, and I don’t think most Americans realize that they’re already socialists,” the host said.

“In certain respects,” Sanders agrees.

Maher tries to convince viewers that America has already embraced socialism.

“Socialism is the programs they already like,” he said. “They like Social Security. That’s socialism. They like Medicare. They like the VA. They like the military. It’s already a socialist country.”

Begrudgingly, Sanders is not fully on board with that assessment.

“We have to un-demonize that word,” Maher continued. “[People] hear ‘socialist,’ they think ‘herpes,’ Bernie!”

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Sanders promises lots of freebies, like healthcare and college tuition, all paid for by talking from the rich and giving to the poor, better known as wealth redistribution.

And Maher believes the democratic socialist has a legitimate shot at pulling this off.

“When you first started coming here, people thought your campaign was a fantasy; now you could be the candidate,” he told Sanders.

Tom Tillison


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