Graphic injuries to deputy’s face show unarmed teen shooting story that media won’t tell

Photos released of a Michigan’s sheriff’s deputy, after an altercation that left a teenager dead in February, raise questions about why the media has willfully ignored the officer’s version of the story.

While the family of Deven Guilford, 17, who was shot dead by Sheriff’s Sgt. Jonathan Frost during a traffic stop in February, contends the officer’s “entire course of action was illegal,” photos show graphic injuries to the officer’s face.

WJNO 1290 talk radio host John Cardillo, a former New York Police Department officer, posted photos of the sheriff’s deputy after the encounter that suggest a fight occurred. A violent fight that drove Frost to fire his weapon in “self defense,” Cardillo insisted.

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Guilford was shot seven times after he was pulled over for flashing his brights at the Eaton County sheriff’s deputy to get him to dim his lights, according the Huffington Post — Frost says his brights were not on.

Frost was wearing a body cam and Guilford appeared uncooperative from the jump, repeatedly refusing to produce his drivers license. After multiple warnings, Frost eventually pulled Guilford from the car and was forced to use his taser on the unruly teen.

At this point, it appeared Guilford  jumped up and ran at Frost:

It’s all but impossible to tell what occurred after that point, but the teen was shot and killed, resulting in his family filing a federal wrongful death lawsuit.

In today’s anti-cop atmosphere, most of the coverage of the case is focused on an unarmed teenager being shot and killed by a cop.

Both parties are white, which may explain why the incident has not had more play in the media.

Tom Tillison


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