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Cuckoo’s nest? Hillary’s creepy response to FBI probe seems to border on mental illness

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Is Clinton finally going off the deep end?

In what can only be described as a bizarre reaction to an interviewer’s question, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton burst into laughter when asked about her escalating email scandal.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper brought up a comment Bernie Sanders made during the first Democratic presidential primary debate in which he said, “The American people were sick and tired tired of hearing about [her] damn emails.”

As Clinton began chuckling, Tapper added “There are a lot of people who are not.”

The laughter grew louder.

“Including FBI officials,” Tapper said, as Clinton’s laughter grew almost maniacal.

There were reports that Clinton was taking “likability” lessons through Steven Spielberg at her husband’s urging. Looks like the lessons never got beyond the fake laughter stage.

Morning radio co-host, Scot Bertram, tweeted:

Communications professional, Nick Jacob, took it a bit further.

And then, there were these:


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