University anti-rape activist resigns after confessing she raped someone


A prominent student anti-rape activist at Oxford University has resigned from all positions she holds and is “stepping back” from all political campaigning after admitting to committing a rape, or, as she termed it, “non-consensual sex.”

Annie Teriba made the announcement in a statement released to The Oxford Student, a student publication:

At this year’s NUS Black Students’ Conference, I had sex with someone. The other party later informed me that the sex was not consensual. I failed to properly establish consent before every act. I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions. I should have taken sufficient steps to ensure that everything I did was consensual. I should have been more attentive to the person’s body language. In failing to clarify that the person consented to our entire encounter, I have caused serious irreparable harm.


Teriba went on to announce that this wasn’t the first time for her.

In a separate incident, in my first year of university, I was alerted to my inappropriate behaviour whilst drunk in a club, where I had touched somebody in a sexual manner without their consent. Therefore this is not an isolated incident. I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions.

With these incidents I have rightly lost the trust of those who I organize with and fully intend to work to ensure that I both put my politics into practice in my personal relations and to prove to them that I am committed to transformation. As such, it would be wrong of me to accept platforms and access spaces until I have done so.


As to Teriba’s notoriety on campus, The Daily Caller reported:

Annie Teriba appears to have sterling credentials as an activist. She edited the journal No Heterox**, targeted at Oxford’s “queer and trans*” communities, was a member of the black students’ committee for the U.K.’s National Union of Students (NUS), and worked as a racial equality officer at Oxford. Recently, she has helped lead a campaign to tear down a campus statue of Cecil Rhodes, whose estate funds the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. She once moved another student to tears by attacking an Arabian Nights-themed party as racist, and she once wrote an editorial decrying the “endemic problem of rape culture” on campus.


Social media lit up at this news. Here are a few examples.

And, when these things occur, one’s past always seems to catch up with them.

“Let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone.”


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