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Krauthammer predicts history will ‘judge Obama very severely’

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krauthammer-topSyndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Thursday that history won’t be kind to President Barack Obama’s handling of the wars in the Middle East.

The President announced Thursday that, despite his earlier promises to withdraw all U.S. military from Afghanistan by the end of 2016, he will maintain the present force of 9,600 troops in that country through most of 2016, then draw down to 5,500.

On Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Krauthammer remarked on an observation made by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, that although Obama supported the troops, he never supported their mission.

“Gates is telling on from the inside what was utterly obvious from the outside,” Krauthammer said.

“It’s obvious, his heart was never in the mission. He simply wanted to get through with the minimal commitment he could,” he said.

Paraphrasing Gates, he said that it’s wrong to send soldiers into battle, knowing that some will not return, when your heart’s not in the mission from the outset.

“History is going to judge Obama very severely for having done that,” said Krauthammer.

He also doesn’t believe that Obama will actually reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan, but will leave that decision to the next president.

“He wants to hold on so there’ll be no helicopters lifting off embassy personnel in Kabul the way it happened in ’75,”  he said. “He doesn’t want that embarrassment.”


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