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Fiorina scores points for reaction to man saying Muslims should ‘take your camel and beat it’

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Republican presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, won praise when she shot down an anti-Muslim question at one of her rallies.

“Especially the Muslims are really raising heck right now,” a voter said to Fiorina, Wednesday in Spencer, Iowa. “They want to change our whole country to suit them. If they don’t like the United States, get out of here! Take your camel and beat it!”

Fiorina was able to smoothly side-step the question and bring it back to immigration reform while refusing to condemn all Muslims.

“Well, you know people are so frustrated and angry with the immigration situation. Let me say, that one of the most important things that about this nation is that we judge people as individuals,” she responded. “So I’m not willing to condemn any group of people. I’m willing to judge each individual.”

Watch the interaction below.

Carmine Sabia


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