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‘DNC in shambles’; 2nd officer accuses Wasserman Schultz of LYING — will she survive?

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Discontent within the ranks toward Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is getting serious, prompting questions about whether she may survive.

A second vice chairman, R.T. Rybak, has accused Wasserman Schultz of lying about the circumstances surrounding the decision to limit the number of presidential debates, according to The New York Times. Taking it a step further, Rybak questioned her political skills and said he had “serious questions” about her suitability for the job.

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At issue is a claim from Wasserman Schulz that the decision to limit the debates was discussed with others at the DNC. Critics suggest fewer debates protects Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

Rybak accused the DNC head of making “flat-out not true” statements about Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a DNC vice chairwoman.

A bitter public feud broke out after Gabbard was disinvited from the Democratic presidential debate held earlier this week after calling for more debates. The Hawaii Democrat said Wasserman Schultz was lying about DNC officers being involved in the decision on how many debates.

The comments from Rybak come as reports surface that the DNC is “clearing a path” for Hillary Clinton to be its presidential nominee, according to the Daily Mail.

And Rybak makes it clear who’s the problem.

“The Democratic National Committee staff has never been stronger,” he said. ”The one thing that could stop us from having a great election coming up is if the chair continues to create these self-made dramas that are below what a chair should be doing.”

Lil’ Debbie forgoing “self-made dramas”? Perish the thought!

The reaction on social media suggests the end may be near for Wasserman Schultz. After all, as one user noted, “the DNC is in a shambles.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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