Clinton panders to Hispanics while GOP targets ‘sanctuary cities’

In the face of growing anger over “sanctuary cities,” Hillary Clinton further blurred the line between legal and illegal immigration Thursday, calling for a wider path to […]

Here’s why this Indiana sheriff vows to defy future executive action on gun registration

A North Indiana sheriff pledged that he would never enforce any executive actions signed by President Barack Obama restricting Second Amendment rights. Elkhart County Sheriff Bradley D. Rogers […]

Most trusted name in news? CNN gets social media earful after posting wrong picture on week’s ‘big’ story

When a CNN panel was discussing the medical condition of Lamar Odom, the former Los Angeles Lakers NBA star who collapsed and was unresponsive Tuesday, the network’s […]

CNN panel laments Dem’s lack of diversity compared to GOP; Biden ‘just another white person’

Democrats often like to refer to the GOP as the party of old white men. The tables have turned. “CNN Newsroom” anchor Carol Costello observed Friday that […]

Lawmaker proposes ‘Vietnam Wall’ memorial to honor aborted babies; Planned Parenthood to pay

A Missouri lawmaker wants to build a memorial wall for babies murdered in the womb, and plans to make Planned Parenthood pay for it. Rep. Rick Brattin made the […]

Ann Coulter’s knock-down-drag-out on ‘The View’ shuts down politically correct host like no other

Conservative author Ann Coulter took the ladies of “The View” to school in epic fashion on Friday. Coulter appeared on the far left show to promote her new […]

Truth, justice and illegal aliens; new Captain America takes on conservatives

Fear not liberal citizens, Captain America is coming to save the day. Marvel comics’ new black, politically correct, Captain America has cut ties with SHIELD, a division of U.S. […]

What Trump asked an Asian student has libs FREAKING out

Donald Trump is under fire for asking an Asian student if he was from South Korea after the student peppered the Republican candidate with questions about his statements […]

Common Core’s brainwashing study plan on gun violence has patriots seeing red

As if there weren’t enough reasons to hate Common Core, here is one more to add to the mix. Under the guise of a writing lesson, Common […]

Social media erupts over OUTRAGEOUS amount Obama’s golf habit cost taxpayers – for just two months!

The bill for President Obama’s golf and fundraising gallivanting for two months has become public and has much of social media outraged. The figures, obtained by Judicial Watch […]

syrian refugees
Open border activist STABBED by migrants he advocates for; can’t understand why

A pro-open borders activist was brutally attacked by the very people he is fighting for, but that didn’t change his mind. Police responded to a call of a […]

wasserman schultz
‘DNC in shambles’; 2nd officer accuses Wasserman Schultz of LYING — will she survive?

Discontent within the ranks toward Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is getting serious, prompting questions about whether she may survive. A second vice chairman, R.T. Rybak, has […]