Trump: CNN didn’t hit wimpy Democrat candidates like they hit us

Donald Trump blasted CNN’s disparate treatment of Republicans and Democrats during its hosted debates saying, “CNN did not hit them like they hit us.”

Trump told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Wednesday that CNN “didn’t make (Democrats) fight, and there was very little fight in the group.”

O’Reilly speculated that the different approaches of CNN to the two debates was possibly the result of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC placing stricter instructions on the questions for the debate.

The difference in tone between the GOP and Democrat debates was attributable to the lack of competitiveness amongst the Democrats, O’Reilly said. The fiercer conflict between Republican candidates is a result of more uncertain outcome on their side, with the Democratic line-up feeling like a coronation for Hillary Clinton.

Trump described Bernie Sanders’ “damn emails” comment as a surrender to Clinton, in which she was the primary beneficiary.

Democrats were competing with one another over who could give away more taxpayer-provided benefits to illegal aliens while ignoring veterans, who Trump said were being treated “shabbily.”





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