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Sheriff Clarke calls out Juan Williams over ‘pathetic plantation politics’: You’ve ‘gone over to other side’

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Juan Williams and Sheriff David Clarke got into it Wednesday in a passionate panel debate.

The two sparred on Fox News’ “Hannity” while discussing the anti-American racial agitation group #BlackLivesMatter and its centrality to today’s Democratic Party.

After praising Williams’ book, “Enough,” and its conservative message of cultural reform and personal responsibility, Clarke called Williams out for having “gone back over to the other side, maybe out of fear.”

Clarke came out of the gate blazing, describing the Democratic Party’s pandering to #BlackLivesMatter as a “pathetic display” showcasing “plantation politics.”

He condemned “liberal ideology” and the Democratic Party’s “continued (emotional) enslavement of black people.”

Blaming inner city and urban dysfunction on Democratic management, Clarke said the Democratic Party owes blacks an apology for the destruction they’ve wrought.

Williams predictably attributed the ascendance of #BlackLivesMatter to phantoms of “excessive use of police force” waged against black people. He then denigrated both Clarke and Elder, telling them to become “more politically sophisticated.”

Larry Elder called out President Obama and the Democrats, saying that the average net worth of blacks had declined 20 percent under his tenure.

Elder described left-wing policies as as “assault” on the “black economy… and black family.”

Clarke closed by framing left-wing policies as having wrought “economic and social disaster for black people… it started with the destruction of the family unit… tore the black family apart.”




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