Rubio helps guy out with shipment of Donald Trump novelty talking pens

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction in the world of politics.

Senator Marco Rubio is assisting a Florida small business owner in bringing in a shipment of Donald Trump novelty talking pens.

A Clearwater-based businessman had a shipment of novelty talking pens held by Customs and Border Protection for possible copyright infringement, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The businessman, Jeff Kamhi, emailed Rubio’s office about the incident. Kamhi indicated that CBP could or would not inform him of what statute he was violating. Kamhi also insisted that the brief “you’re fired” audio clip that forms the gimmick of the pens falls under the Fair Use clause of copyright law. He said that this type of delay would cost him tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and severely hurt his company. CBP, however, held firm and kept the merchandise.

Rubio signed the following response:

I regret to learn of the problem you are experiencing with the confiscation of your goods by CBP. It is disappointing that your concerns have not received the appropriate attention.

Rubio also said that a case worker would follow up with CBP.

Interestingly, Kamhi said that a frightening Hillary Clinton talking pen was not held by CBP.



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