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Radio host suspended after airing bogus Trump interview; Trump’s lawyer doesn’t play

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Atlanta radio host Steve McCoy thought he scooped Donald Trump when he played a pre-taped interview with the billionaire Tuesday morning and claimed Trump’s handlers censored policy topics.  But there was one catch: the interview appears to be a fake.

McCoy had claimed that the Trump campaign refused to allow certain questions.  This is what he said on the air before playing the recording:

Yesterday, I got a call from a buddy of mine who is working with Trump on a phone call that we were going to get. We were hoping he’d call yesterday during the show but could not. It came with some restrictions, I couldn’t ask anything about his current policies and that they had the right to x out any questions that I did ask and we got through about three minutes of it. So here it is now, my call with Donald Trump.

Trump’s lawyer Donald McGahn told the Atlanta Journal Constitution in an email Wednesday that McCoy pieced together a year-old interview with Trump and passed it off as new. McGahn said that McCoy admitted using an old interview to him on the phone.

At first, the co-host of News Radio 106.7’s morning show issued denials and stuck by his story. But his tale quickly began to unravel  as a screen capture of a tweet McCoy appears to have sent then deleted (along with a reply) surfaced Thursday.


Thursday morning, McCoy was off the air.  The station’s manager, Sean Shannon, told the AJC that McCoy is suspended while they conduct an investigation.

Conservative radio host Erick Erickson put aside the bad blood between him and Trump to weigh in, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

“There are many things over which to criticize Donald Trump, but when you have to make up an interview or photoshop a tweet, you’re doing it wrong,” he wrote. “Regardless of my position on Donald Trump, no candidate deserves this sort of B.S.”

Listen to the recording below.

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