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Cruz slams Dem debate: ‘An audition for who would wear the government jackboot’

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Ted Cruz is giving Democrats credit for honesty.

The Texas senator joined Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Wednesday, to discuss impressions of Tuesday’s CNN-hosted Democratic presidential debate.

Cruz described the debate as being a platform for “more socialism, more pacifism, more weakness, and less Constitution.”

Crediting the Democrats with being open about their socialist values, Cruz said they wanted to “go after our constitutional rights.”

He also noticed the ages of the top contenders. “They’re having a hard time finding anyone to run for president who isn’t nearly 70 years old,” Cruz told Kelly.

Describing the Democrats as “the party of government,” Cruz pointed out the irony of income inequality expanding during Obama’s tenure, despite constant demagoguery on the issue.

The money-quote, however, was delivered at the end of the segment.  Invoking the tyranny of an overly expanded government, Cruz said, “Last night was an audition for who would wear the government jackboot.”


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