‘Boo hoo hoo!’ Fox panel catches fire after guest argues cops should shut up and do their freaking jobs

Fox panelPolice officers should act as society’s sacrificial lambs, according to a defender of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fireworks exploded on “The Kelly File” Wednesday when the panel hotly debated Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s statements that the city’s police are to blame for skyrocketing violence.

The Fox News show host, Megyn Kelly, defended Emanuel’s argument that Windy City police have been hesitant to fully do their jobs as officers for fear of repercussions.

Former New York Detective, Bo Dietl took that sentiment a step further, saying police inaction is in direct response to recent events like Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Let the fireworks begin.

“That’s the biggest racist statement of all time!” political commentator Lisa Durden said. “To blame the Black Lives Matter movement for why you’re not doing your freaking job, you robocops, is disgusting.”

“That’s the same thing as saying a woman whose husband beats her,” Durden said. “It’s her fault because she stood up for herself.

Durden vehemently argued it’s the “policeman’s job to be in danger every day.”

“You might get shot in the head and not come home tonight. You can’t take a little ribbing?” she rhetorically asked of law enforcement nationwide.

Kelly and Dietl argued that cops are afraid of becoming the next Darren Wilson – the officer who lost his job and became the target of a national media witch-hunt after he fatally shot Michael Brown in self-defense.

“Boo-hoo-hoo! Boo-hoo-hoo!” Durden said.

The fiery exchange can be watched below:


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