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Ben Carson halts public campaign events for two weeks

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With the wind at his back, Republican presidential contender Ben Carson is putting a hold on public campaign events to sell books.

With the release of his book, titled “A More Perfect Union,” the retired neurosurgeon will spend the next two weeks on a book tour and will also focus on fundraising events, according to ABC News.

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The decision comes as Carson surges in the polls, and follows the announcement by his campaign two weeks ago that he has raised more than $20 million in the past three months.

Critics are sure to question the timing, but ABC News reported that the campaign is going out of its way to separate campaign events and the book tour to avoid being accused of using the campaign to sell books — Carson will not be accompanied by campaign staff while on tour.

carson book“It’s a question of co-mingling from the corporate standpoint to the Federal Election Commission standpoint so it’s just better to avoid any bad appearance,” campaign spokesman Doug Watts told ABC News.

Pointing to Carson’s rise in recent polls, Watts said they aren’t worried about pausing public campaign events.

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“Our numbers went up in the Fox poll in the last seven days, our numbers went up in the CBS poll in the last four days,” he said. “They did the same thing in Virginia and we’re the only Republican beating Hillary Clinton in Virginia so right now I don’t see any reason to be worried.”

The candidate has made “over 100 media appearances (radio and TV) since the book was released,” according to ABC News.

And Watts says that is more than sufficient.

“He’s been on TV. I think Wednesday through Friday I got sick of looking at him on TV,” he said. “So it’s pretty hard to suggest that he’s not out and about. Whether you make a distinction of it as a campaign thing or not. Most people at home just see Ben Carson out there talking about something that’s is or isn’t important to them.”

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