Trump live-tweets ‘snooze-fest’ and look what happened . . .

Donald Trump made headlines Tuesday by announcing that he would live-tweet CNN’s Democratic presidential debate.

 By at least one metric, Trump came out the winner of the debate.  By the end of it, he had gained 60 thousand new followers.  

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, by contrast, added 28 thousand and 10 thousand new Twitter followers, respectively.  

Martin O’Malley, Kim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee added about 10K new followers combined. While generally mocking the candidates and describing the debate as a “snooze-fest”, Trump did commend Bernie Sanders for having a collegial moment with competitor Hillary Clinton.  Sanders blew off the controversy surrounding Clinton’s personal email server, saying that Americans didn’t care about her “damn emails”.  

Trump’s live-tweeting of the debate also became a trending topic on Twitter.

Check out his most notable tweets of the evening:

On Hillary Clinton:

On Lincoln Chafee:

On Martin O’Malley:

On Jim Webb:

On himself:

His second most retweeted message of the evening was recognition of smart politicking from Sanders:


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