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Ratings Gold? Donald Trump to Host SNL in November, but it’s not his first time

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For the first time in 11 years, Donald Trump will be hosting Saturday Night Live, on November 7,

The Republican front-runner seems to have the Midas touch for media, with everything he takes part in turning to ratings gold.

The CNN Republican presidential debate last month drew over 23 million viewers, shattering the network’s historical ratings record.

For some perspective, the highest-watched prior debate at CNN was a Democratic debate in 2008 – yielding 8.3 million pairs of eyeballs.

Prior to this debate, CNN’s most-watched program in its history was in 1993, when just under 17 million people watched a debate between Al Gore and Ross Perot over NAFTA.

In August, Trump fueled the record-breaking 24 million mark at Fox News Channel.  This made the Fox Republican presidential debate the most-viewed debate in television history.  Four years ago, the first GOP primary debate was watched by 3.2 million people.

So what does this mean for Saturday Night Live’s ratings fortunes?

SNL’s current record is 17 million, set in March of 1994 by Nancy Kerrigan, the U.S. Olympic figure skater who had been attacked earlier in that year’s Olympic Winter Games by fellow skater Tonya Harding’s goon.

Trump announced his upcoming appearance, via Twitter:



Flashback of Donald Trump’s House of Wings:



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