Hillary gets THIS in debate: ‘American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails’

It was enough to turn your stomach.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper deserves credit for bringing up the email scandal swirling around Hillary Clinton during Tuesday’ nights Democratic presidential debate — though there was little mention of mishandling classified information.

But when the topic was raised, of all people, it was Bernie Sanders who came to Clinton’s defense.

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After Clinton pivoted during her response to dismiss the House select committee on Benghazi as being “an arm of the Republican National Committee,” Sanders chimed in.

”Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the secretary is right, and that is that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” he said.

Sander’s comment drew plenty of applause from a heavily-Democratic audience, not to mention a broad smile from Clinton.

With her trademark cackle,  Clinton said, “Thank you. Me too. Me too.”

“Enough of the emails!” Sanders concluded, after bringing up several economic issues. “Let’s talk about the real issues facing America.”

Clinton gave him a heartfelt “thank you” and a follow-up cackle as she heartily shook his hand — the only thing missing was a “job well done.” Meanwhile, the crowd ate it up, giving Sanders a standing ovation.

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79 thoughts on “Hillary gets THIS in debate: ‘American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails’

  1. djr4nger says:

    The Dem debates last night were very telling. This will truly be an election to decide whether we move forward as a free-market capitalist society or a progressive liberal socialist oligarchy. Hillary’s emails? Let’s just sweep them under the carpet. The two-second attention span of the average democrat voter has expired and they are not interested in honesty and integrity. So much is at stake in this election. Socialism or capitalism? Take your pick.

    1. GoldenRudy says:

      It does breakdown to that choice. Scary that in America, that should be the choice.

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