Hillary gets THIS in debate: ‘American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails’

It was enough to turn your stomach.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper deserves credit for bringing up the email scandal swirling around Hillary Clinton during Tuesday’ nights Democratic presidential debate — though there was little mention of mishandling classified information.

But when the topic was raised, of all people, it was Bernie Sanders who came to Clinton’s defense.

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After Clinton pivoted during her response to dismiss the House select committee on Benghazi as being “an arm of the Republican National Committee,” Sanders chimed in.

”Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the secretary is right, and that is that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” he said.

Sander’s comment drew plenty of applause from a heavily-Democratic audience, not to mention a broad smile from Clinton.

With her trademark cackle,  Clinton said, “Thank you. Me too. Me too.”

“Enough of the emails!” Sanders concluded, after bringing up several economic issues. “Let’s talk about the real issues facing America.”

Clinton gave him a heartfelt “thank you” and a follow-up cackle as she heartily shook his hand — the only thing missing was a “job well done.” Meanwhile, the crowd ate it up, giving Sanders a standing ovation.

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79 thoughts on “Hillary gets THIS in debate: ‘American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails’

  1. jlfonz1 says:

    Those were not HER emails. They were the property of the American peoples as we were the ones that paid for the equipment, paid her during the time they were created and what the left so easily dismisses is that it is illegal to use illegal equipment for classified government information and there is NO reason why she should not be going to prison already.

  2. Nunnyah Biz says:

    “Let’s talk about the real issues facing America.”???

    hitlery’s “acts of treason” ARE real issues, idiot!!!

    hitlery to the Gallows in 2016!!!

  3. ScarletPimpernil says:

    Oh, and I am the American people and, though I may be tired of it, I DO NOT want it stopped until she is held as accountable as I would be for the same CRIME.

    1. jyrine says:

      Judge Napolitano went through her shenanigans with the servers and he concluded she is very likely guilty of violating 11 different felonies and 2 misdemeanors.

  4. GoldenRudy says:

    Right. And the only cure for my “sickness” is seeing the Hildebeast doing a “perp-walk”, in orange, with a set of bracelets on her wrists which are behind her back. That is the only cure!

    1. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

      Don’t forget the shackles too.

      1. jyrine says:

        And the Iron Mask to keep her ugly face from violating the other prisoners rights to not be subject to ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’

        1. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

          Forget the iron. Cover it in titanium. It won’t be eaten by her acidic mug.

      2. GoldenRudy says:

        If you are referring to “leg irons”, do you think they even make them big enough to get around her “kankles”?

        1. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

          They come in more than one size but maybe she would be easier to control under an oxen yoke.

  5. LittleRoot_48 says:

    The fix is in. The witch from Chappaqua will get the Democratic nomination.That debate was a joke. I didn’t watch it but the clips I’ve seen are enough to prove I made the right decision.

  6. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

    I don’t want to hear about emails anymore either. I want to hear the sound of steel bars slamming against reinforced concrete behind that cow.

  7. ClarenceDeBarrows says:

    It will be interesting to see if Hillary is as lighthearted about the Emails when she’s in front of Trey Gowdy’s Congressional Committee. She is a real piece of work, that woman. It’s obvious, when watching her manipulate the truth to suit her agenda, that Bill and Hillary are well matched.

  8. Mary Brown says:

    Can you say totally scripted and staged? What a joke!

  9. ixnay00 says:

    I am sick of hearing about her e-mails also, I am wondering why she isn’t in jail already. is she above the law, just having a server not controlled by the government gets minimum of 1 year then for lying she should get even more.

  10. tsigili says:

    Obviously, the reason she didn’t follow protocols, and didn’t maintain her emails for scrutiny, was BECAUSE she is totally corrupt, and was doing things that were totally corrupt.

    That way she had the control to delete, and hide any and all communications, from the Congress, and the people of America.

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