Did Obama really just tell rich Hollywood libs ‘it’s easier to buy a gun than buy a book?’

Obama shootingWhile speaking to a room of rich, Hollywood liberals at a fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday, President Obama once again resorted to hyperbole while calling for more gun control, saying that “it is easier to buy a gun than a book” in America.

Speaking to a group of about 200 Democrat donors in upscale Pacific Palisades, Obama bemoaned “gun violence” in the wake of recent mass shootings, arguing that stricter gun-control laws would somehow help reduce the number of criminals willing to use firearms, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s not just mass shootings,” Obama told the group. “It is the daily shootings that take place in cities across America. It is easier to buy a gun than buy a book.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Obama was trying to draw attention to the plight of poor urban neighborhoods which he believes suffer from a lack of bookstores, but are overwhelmed by “gun violence.”

“Poor urban neighborhoods” such as those found in his hometown, gun-control-utopia of Chicago, where bookstores are prolific, but not a single gun store can be found.

The fundraiser – which included actor Jamie Foxx – was one of three high-dollar fundraisers Obama attended in Los Angeles over the weekend, and was another opportunity for the president to campaign for more gun control in America.

“What’s true on gun violence is true on every issue that matters to you,” he argued, saying that the left and the right “have a different vision of what America can look like.”

He can say that again. After all, he’s trying to impose the same gun-control schemes on America that are already on the books in crime-riddled urban communities throughout the nation.

Ostensibly, Obama’s comparison between buying books and guns was in reference to illegally acquired guns, given that legal guns require a federal background check, a photo ID, and occasionally a waiting period… All of which seems to make purchasing a firearm slightly more difficult than wandering into a bookstore, or downloading an e-book online.

But if buying a gun is really easier than buying a book in gun-control meccas like Chicago (which is still doubtful, given the current pace of e-book technology and used book stores), it seems obvious that all those anti-gun laws are pretty useless in curbing “gun violence.”

So why impose them on the rest of America?

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Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is a talk radio host, political humorist, and columnist. Having worked in a wide range of industries (including construction, journalism, and financial services) his perspectives and world views are forged with a deep understanding of what it means to be an American entrepreneur.
Michael Schaus


8 thoughts on “Did Obama really just tell rich Hollywood libs ‘it’s easier to buy a gun than buy a book?’

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    He must think that because of his lackluster book sales as compared to gun and ammo sales. Fact is, like Hillary’s book, no one wants his either…

    1. Mary Brown says:

      One of his books was on the pistol range target stand… it has a use!

  2. kazzer66 says:

    Easier to buy a gun than a book? Is Obama going to pass executive regulations on book sales now?

  3. ooddballz says:

    Did Obama really just tell rich Hollywood libs ‘it’s easier to buy a gun than buy a book?’

    Which may be true in Chicago.

  4. tsigili says:

    Nothing that comes out of Obama’s mouth, has an ounce of truth to it. He is the biggest liar in America…….bar none.

    1. Ramona Asher says:

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  5. Mary Brown says:

    Repeat a lie often enough and the gruberites will believe it!

  6. Dmack1965 says:

    Jamie Foxx is a racist.
    Hillary for prison 2016.

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