Van Jones whines about Dem’s lack of diversity; ‘whitest field we’ve seen since 1992’

Dem Debate lineupPresident Obama’s former “green jobs czar” and CNN panelist Van Jones says the Democrat Party has a major problem in 2016… It’s just too darn white.

Speaking to Jake Tapper on CNN, Jones observed that the very party that touts “diversity” every chance it gets is running a handful of monochromatic, Washington insiders, making “identity politics” a bit of a challenge in the upcoming election.

“This whole party has a problem. This is the whitest field we’ve seen since 1992,” Jones said.

The lack of ethnic diversity could cause some trouble for the Democrats in the upcoming election, according to Jones.

“We’re talking about a party that has to get not 60 percent, not 70 percent, not 90 percent, but 94 percent of the black vote to win,” he said, lamenting the fact that no minority candidate will be showing up on stage in Tuesday’s Democrat debate.

Like many social justice warriors who seem abnormally obsessed with race, Jones also pointed out that black voters currently seem to favor former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which could pose problems for the other candidates.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders should take Tuesday’s debate as an opportunity, according to Jones, to explain “why a white guy from Vermont” deserves support from black voters.

And if Sanders isn’t up to the challenge? Well, then “Clinton gets the black vote by default,” Jones said.

So much for judging folks by the content of their character.

Van Jones wasn’t the only one who noticed the Democrat’s decidedly pale lineup of contenders:

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