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Disabled vet’s response to neighbor’s nasty note is DEAD ON

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A disabled veteran from Texas fought back against a nasty neighbor in epic fashion.

The unidentified veteran received a note from his disgruntled neighbor telling him to stop using handicap parking spots because he doesn’t “look handicapped,” Fox News reported.

Hey Buddy,

Stop parking in handicap spots!!!!

You DO NOT have a sticker nor do you look handicapped. I have taken a picture of your license plate and sent it to the courtesy officer for towing by the courtesy.

Stop being a jerk!

The veteran responded with a note of his own for the neighbor he called a “passive aggressive d**che” and posted it outside.

A friend took a picture of both notes and shared it on Reddit.

Disabled Veteran Note
Photo credit Reddit.

“In the state of Texas, if a vehicle has DISABLED VETERAN license plates, that veicle is not required, BY LAW, to have a handicapped placard displayed, nor a handicapped emblem on the license plate, UNLESS that vehicle is parked on FEDERAL property.

“If you had bothered to spend 30 seconds and pull the miniature computer out of your pocket to research this then you would have never needed to leave me this offensive note. Considering that you took a picture of my license plate that says: DISABLED VETERAN U.S. ARMED FORCES,” the veteran wrote.

Texas Disabled American Veteran License Plate
Sample disabled veteran license plate. Photo credit Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

He said he understood that the neighbor wanted to be a “social justice hero” but explained that while he may not look handicapped he most certainly is.

“Although I may not “look” handicapped to you, I can assure you that the amount of pain I feel from walking due to combat-sustained injuries far supersedes any level of pain you have ever felt in your entire life. Or maybe not…..Who am I to say? After all, I don’t even know who you are,” he wrote.

The veteran ended the note by saying he world be framing the note to remind himself “what kind of person NOT to be” and signed it “The guy who doesn’t look handicapped.”

Maybe next time the neighbor will think before they speak.

Carmine Sabia


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