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Trump handles an ambush by angry feminist: ‘I knew I shouldn’t have picked her!’

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feministWhile taking questions during an appearance at the No Labels convention in New Hampshire, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump ran up against a woman who had her own ideas about how he treated the opposite sex.

(No Labels is a political organization composed of people from all party affiliations looking to “usher in a new era of focused problem solving in American politics.”)

The woman began by saying, ” Maybe you can bring me around, but I don’t think you are a friend to women.”

And with that, Trump wisely had heard enough.

“I knew I shouldn’t have picked her,” he chimed in. “I knew I shouldn’t have picked her!”

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Without giving her an opportunity to pontificate any further, Trump replied by talking about the opportunities he has given women over the years.

“I have given women more opportunity than virtually anybody in the construction industry,” he said. “I will take care of women, I have great respect for women and I cherish women.”

The candidate tried to move on, but the woman insisted on a follow up.

“I want to get paid the same as a man, and I think you understand that,” she said when given the mic. “So if you become president, will women make the same as a man and do I get to choose what I do with my body.”

She then placed her hands on her hips in a pronounced manner, glaring angrily at Trump.

Staying true to character, he did not back down.

“You’re going to make the same if you do as good a job,” Trump replied matter-of-factly.

And he left it at that, denying the apparent feminist activist the satisfaction she was seeking in putting him on the spot on abortion.

Tom Tillison


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