Kia ad smacks down participation trophy for kids; conservatives LOVE it!

Two new commercials from South Korean car manufacturer, Kia Motors, obliterated the modern liberal idea of participation trophies.

In the first video, a father tells his son “You had a great game today buddy,” to which the child replies incredulously, “Not really.”

The mom ponders how bad her son is at football and a possible future for him as a broadcaster while the father, presumably a Hillary Clinton supporter, asks “Wasn’t he awesome?” oblivious to his son’s shortcomings.

The second video takes a more direct aim at participation trophies.

A young child is shown presenting his trophy to his father, but when the father sees “participant” on it, he wonders why.

“Participation trophy? But we, we won every game,” he thinks. “Why do we get the same trophy as all those teams we beat?” before removing the word participant and writing “champs” on it.

Watch both awesome progressive smashing videos below.

Social media applauded the car company’s refreshing take on competition.

Carmine Sabia


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