Dad fools girlfriend into thinking their son’s been blown up in CRUELEST prank ever

This might be the meanest prank of all time.

YouTube comedian Roman Atwood and his son Kane set up the child’s mother, and Atwood’s girlfriend, 32-year-old Brittney Smith, to believe she was coming to bring a check for Atwood to purchase a four-wheeler.

Roman Atwood Prank

When she arrived, she found Atwood and son riding around on the quad and having a good time.

Soon after, Atwood asks her to get the checkbook and she obliges.  The second she is out of sight, Atwood and Kane get into action.

Roman Atwood Prank

The prankster quickly takes his son off of the quad and replaces him with a dummy about the same size as Kane and wearing the same clothes.

When Smith returns, the bike, which is being operated by remote control, takes off, jumps a ramp and is involved in an explosive crash as Brittney runs, crying, for her child.

Roman Atwood Prank

Roman Atwood Prank

The video ends with mother and child being reunited and, presumambly, some lonely nights ahead for Atwood.

Watch the prank, that has been viewed more than 2.5 million times since Sunday, below.

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